Science & The Bible

2 Mar 2022

Are science and God opposed to one another?  Some people will often say they believe science and not in God or the Bible.   We’d like to take a moment to challenge that.

If science is (very simply explained) a discovery of how things work, then this article aims to highlight that the Bible and science are not in opposition but rather the Bible is a precursor to many amazing scientific discoveries.  The following will look to highlight scriptures throughout the Bible that point to ‘discoveries’ science makes thousands of years later.

It’s great to see science continuing to confirm the amazing complexity and delicate balance behind the universe that we live in – none of it remotely possible without God as the creator.


1.The Earth Floats in Space

“He stretches out the north over the empty place and hangs the earth upon nothing.” (Job 26:7)

This first part of the verse probably refers to the vast array of stars visible in the northern heavens above the Arctic ice. The second part of the scripture tells how the earth “hangs on nothing”. Physicists explain that earth’s location in space is a result of gravitational force between the sun, earth, moon and other planets based on their masses. These masses and the distances between them hold earth in its path around the sun perfectly and allow life to flourish. Our place in space is an act of infinite grace by God. To date no other planet has been found with the potential to support life in the way that we enjoy so carelessly.


2. The Earth is Round & Protected by a Life Protecting Atmosphere

“Have you not known? He sits on the circle of the earth, … stretches the heavens as a curtain and a tent to dwell in.” Isa 40:22

‘Circle’ translates equally as globe or sphere. Greek philosophers spoke of a global earth in the 5th century BC, about 250 years after Isaiah. The flat earth idea was held by some early Christian writers, but by the 4th century AD most agreed it was a globe. The second part of the verse says God made the heavens as a curtain and tent for every living thing on earth to dwell in.

The miracle of our atmosphere is appreciated more with all the debate about climate change. It gives us the air we breathe, water from the oceans and protects us from harmful radiation that comes with the light and warmth of the sun. Even harmful gamma rays that mankind did not know existed are filtered out to protect life.


3.The Hydrologic Water Cycle

  • “He calls the waters of the sea and pours them on the land.” (Amos 9:6)
  • “All the rivers run into the sea, but it is not full. The rivers return to where they came from.” (Ecc 1:7)

The Hydrologic Water Cycle was not accepted into mainstream science until 3000 years after it had been outlined in the Bible.


4.Oceanography & the Paths of the Sea

“You have given man dominion over all things, the fish of the sea and whatever travels the paths of the sea.” (Psalms 8:6-8)

Matthew Maury grew up in a Christian home and was intrigued by this scripture saying there are paths in the sea. He was the first Superintendent of the United States Naval Observatory and studied thousands of ship’s logbooks looking for evidence of “paths” or currents in the sea. He published books showing these currents to assist ocean navigation. Before him, knowledge of ocean currents was limited. He was named Pathfinder of the Seas and honoured with a monument showing him with a Bible beside his left leg. He lived and wrote in the early 19th century. The psalms were written about 1000 BC, 2800 years earlier. He was given honours by several nations for his contribution to world shipping.


5.Origin of Life

The Bible says, “Let the earth produce herbs with seeds, trees with fruit.” (Gen 1:11), “The waters that bring living creatures and birds that may fly in the air.” (Gen 1:20), “Then came beasts on the earth, cattle and creeping things.” (Gen 1:25), “And God created man in his own image.” (Gen 1:27) and “All life comes from the Spirit of God.” (Gen 2:7)

The Bible says multiple forms of life were created by God. Science has multiple alternatives for how life began, none of them proven, all of them debated. They claim life began in a simple form and “evolved” into higher forms but cannot agree how. The origin of life is still ‘the deepest mystery of modern science’.


6.Origin of Sexes

“He made them at the beginning male and female.” (Matt 19:4)

This comment is about people but applies to most of the animal world. Sexual reproduction is “one of the major mysteries of biology.” The two other known forms of reproduction, asexual and hermaphroditism, seem to have advantages. Why didn’t animals evolve that way? It is a major problem for evolution because if a beneficial mutation creates a new species of animal, where does it find a partner? There is no future for a fish that changes to live on land, if it has no mate.


7.Countless Number of Stars

“The host of heaven cannot be numbered.” (Jer 33:22)

Hundreds of years after that scripture was written, Ptolemy who lived 100-170 AD, wrote that the total number of observed stars was approximately 1000. This was a commonly accepted approximate among ancient civilisations of the time.  But God told Jeremiah they were beyond numbering in 600 BC. He also told David something amazing: “He tells the number of stars and calls them by name.” (Psalms 147:4)

Today science estimates there may be 170 billion galaxies each containing maybe 100 billion stars.


8.Life is in the Blood

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood; blood makes atonement (a cover) for the soul.” (Lev 17:11)

When physicians wish to evaluate our health, they begin with a blood sample. Red blood cells carry the oxygen required by every cell including those in our heart and brain. White blood cells remove impurities. “Platelets and proteins in plasma form clots that can prevent fatal haemorrhages.” Blood travels around 20,000 km/day through a network of arteries, veins, and capillaries about 100,000 km long. The heart beats about 100,000 times/day pumping around 7,000 litres of blood.

The miracle of blood giving life to the body has only been discovered in the last few hundred years.


9.The Importance of Hygiene in Medicine

  • “Anyone with an issue from their flesh will be unclean.” (Lev 15:2,19)
  • “Anyone who touches them will be unclean.” (Lev 15:7)
  • “He or she must bathe in running water Lev.” (Lev 15:13)

In 1847 in Vienna, a young doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis, noted that the mortality rate for women giving birth with doctors was 7-16% and 2-4% with midwives. Doctors also examined dead bodies. He introduced hand washing in bowls and the deaths dropped to less than 2%. When he insisted equipment be washed also, deaths were below 1%. Other doctors disparaged him, but he is now revered as “Saviour of Mothers”.

Today all surgeons wash their hands under running water, before touching a patient, as the Bible advised around 3000 years ago.



All these amazing links to some of the greatest discoveries in science – all found in a book written over 2000 years ago written by people with no scientific knowledge or background.

What are the chances of that?