True Stories

An overwhelming & humbling experience

14 Sep 2021

Chris heard about the salvation experience from a work colleague and after attending her first meeting her reaction was an oppositional one, she went to check out other churches. Eventually, she came back to hear more and knew that she had to be baptised by full immersion as the Bible said. Later that day, sitting on her own by the river at Point Hut, Chris was filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues – an overwhelming and very humbling experience.

Over the years she and her husband David have prayed about his epilepsy and know that he is being gradually healed, major seizures when they first were filled with the Holy Spirit have become small and infrequent over time. Two years ago the Lord protected him from death or serious injury when he had a seizure and fell from five metres while up a ladder changing light bulbs at our church.

At the time a number of fellowship members were there on the stage rehearsing a play, and as David fell head first, landing on the carpet covered concrete, everyone prayed fervently while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. After some time immobilised in hospital he has made a full and complete recovery.