True Stories

Chris – Necrotising Myopathy

11 Sep 2019

I was hyperactive all my life, and full of energy to the point where at times it got me in trouble. In 1984 I was filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.

In 2005, after six weeks relaxing leave, I went to back to work so tired and lethargic that my wife encouraged me to see a doctor. My blood test results alarmed him enough to think I’d had a heart attack or was about to have one as my levels of an enzyme – creatine kinase (CK) – were about 40 to 50 times normal, indicating major muscle damage. After a muscle biopsy, I was diagnosed with necrotising myopathy, a muscle disease – my muscles were dying and the prognosis was that my arms, legs and neck would weaken until I couldn’t move independently, or lift my head off my pillow.

I was put on high doses of a range of drugs (some normally used in chemotherapy) – different treatment strategies were tried using combinations of drugs, and a bit of experimentation. The majority were not successful, and one put me in hospital after an allergic reaction. I prayed and fasted for the Lord to heal me, that I rest in his peace that passes understanding, and in 2010 after much prayer I knew the time was right to stop my medication.

My CK levels now fluctuate around 15 times normal, but my specialist has not been able to detect loss in muscle strength. At my last appointment he told me that I was a mystery to the medical profession as I had not had a significant loss in strength over this period so they only want to monitor me now to see what happens in the future. Over the 5 years I had peace and confidence that I would be healed in the Lord’s timing, and God heard and answered all of my prayers!!