True Stories

Heart Function Restored

21 Dec 2021

Learn how Michele was completely healed after being told her heart could stop at any moment and there was nothing doctors could do:

I came to my first Revival Fellowship meeting in May 1988, when my life was at its lowest point. My marriage had failed, I had lost my job, I was suffering from several health issues, one of which was a serious heart disease, so my health was deteriorating very quickly. I had lost all of the things that defined me and my identity in this world had become very shaky. After hearing the testimonies and listening to the Word of God being faithfully preached directly from the Bible, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues, just as the disciples did in the book of Acts. Out of respect for Jesus, I was then baptised by full immersion to bury my old life and start afresh.

On Christmas Eve 2019, after feeling extremely unwell, I was taken to hospital in the early hours of the morning suffering from Acute Heart Failure, Rapid Atrial Fibrillation and Pneumonia. Shortly after, the doctors informed me that my heart was struggling to keep me alive, it was so weak it would stop beating any day and there was nothing they could do for me – they sent me home.

The Holy Spirit immediately filled my mind with the promises of God, healing scriptures flooded my heart and soul and the peace that passes all understanding fell on me. Each day was dedicated to praying in the spirit (tongues), thanking God in the understanding (English) for all of His wonderful gifts and past healings, reading aloud all of the healing scriptures and singing songs of praise to Him. I walked and swam every day and trusted the Lord had my life in His hands.

Five months later, I attended the hospital for further tests and the results astounded the Cardiologist. My heart output had improved to such an extent that they could now perform the life-saving open heart surgery I needed. Several doctors in the cardiac ward would visit my room just to witness my amazingly good health, peace and confidence. After diligently seeking the Lord in prayer, I had a pain free recovery and am now rejoicing in the Lord, living a healthy life serving my faithful and merciful God. Every day I thank Jesus for dying on the cross for me and for the precious gifts of salvation and healing.