True Stories

This Is What I Want

15 Sep 2021

Guy Marano shares his story:

As I was growing up I heard about the promise of the Holy Spirit from my family and I started praying for God to fill me with His Spirit at the age of 8. By 14, I was quite distressed as to why I hadn’t received the holy Spirit, and I made a deal with God – to be baptised in exchange for the Holy Spirit. I got baptised that Sunday but I didn’t receive the Spirit then. During the following Sunday’s talk my ears pricked up as the Pastor said “You can’t bargain with God”.

I was feeling like I wouldn’t receive the Holy Spirit at all, when at 16, I attended the National Youngies Camp. I found all the talks fascinating. Half way through the camp I started getting concerned about the Lord returning and not being ready when he did. On the last day of camp, I went outside with someone to pray for the Holy Spirit. I was thinking “this is what I want most right now”.  I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.  It was like a cool breeze rushing in on a hot day, and I felt as light as a feather.

In the years since, the Lord has blessed my life with miracles, healings and guidance. He has also blessed me with a beautiful spirit filled wife and a child. I can’t wait until the Lord returns, and we get to meet this amazing God that we call Father.